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Next-gen training – Secure software development lifecycle – SSDLC (HCK4) – Brno 9-10.9

Cybersecurity from the point of view of application and / or mobile development is a big topic today. The training is designed for analysts, developers, architects, and security specialists and is aimed at a basic understanding of secure application development – the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC). It guides you through the entire life cycle and outlines the basics of automation and DevSecOps. We will go through the basic problems in applications and how to solve them.

OWASP Hands-on session for two days.

We will try together modeling of security artifacts. The course includes a number of practical labs including examples of typical codes and solutions to known problems. The lecturer of the course is Cybersecurity Consultant, holder of CISSP, CEH, SCF certifications. Thanks to his daily practice in Cybersecurity, every course of training is updated to the latest security trends.

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